Protocol: Virus Concentration and Purification

Presentation For the Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, December, 2016. How Waves of Innovation in Biotechnology Shaped a Small Business Venture

ISBio Tech Kempbio Presentation, Spring 2016. Direct, Real-Time Quantification of Sf9-Derived Baculovirus Particles Employing Fluorescently-Tagged Antibodies

PepTalk Kempbio Presentation, 2016. A Comparison of Two Methods for the Gram-Scale Production of Recombinant IgG in Transiently Transfected Cultures of HEK-293 and CHO-S Cells.

ISBio Tech Kempbio Presentation, 2014. Advances in the use of BacMam-Transduced Mammalian Cells for the Large-Scale Expression of Proteins and Virus-Like Particles

ISBio Tech Kempbio Presentation, 2013. Bioreactor Scale-Up of BacMam-Transduced CHO-S Cells for the Production of Soluble Recombinant Proteins
You Tube link to the ISBio Tech Kempbio Presentation, 2013

Bioprocessing Journal Article, 2012, Transient Expression of Recombinant Immunoglobulin in HEK-293 and CHO-S Cells Using BacMam Transduction

Baculovirus Plaque Assay

Kempbio Lyon Presentation


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