Monoclonal Antibody Services

Kempbio, Inc. routinely produces monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma and recombinant cell culture systems. We can deliver between 10 milligrams and 30 grams of purified antibody with specifications to meet your application. Our proprietary endotoxin removal step keeps levels well below 1 EU/mg even in the largest scale processes. We are experts at detecting and removing aggregates from the final product keeping levels below 5% of the total immunoglobulin. IgG is produced from expression vectors using PEI- mediated transient transfection proteins in suspension cultures of HEK-293 or CHO-S cells at the 1-liter to 100-liter scale. Immunoglobulins are also produced in HEK-293 and CHO-S cells using BacMam mediated transduction of the cells. This method has recently yielded greater than 150 milligrams per liter of purified rIgG from HEK-293 cells transduced at the 10-liter scale.

Typical Services Provided:

  • Gene Synthesis
  • Low endotoxin plasmid production and purification (1-100 mg)
  • Expression optimization
  • HEK-293 or CHO-S host cells
  • Serum-free expression conditions
  • Bioreactor Volumes from 2-L to 100-L
  • PEI-Mediated or BacMam mediated Transfection/Transduction
  • One and two plasmid/vector systems
  • Purification of 10 milligrams to 20 grams of purified IgG

Immunoglobulins Expressed and Purified:

  • Humanized Monoclonal IgG
  • Chimeric antibodies
  • Monoclonal IgG from ascites fluid
  • Peptibodies
  • Bispecific antibodies
  • FAB fragments


BacMam transduced cells produce >150 mg/liter purified IgG


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