Kempbio at the 2nd Annual European Virus Quantification Symposium

viral symposium
On June 7th, 2016, Kempbio Inc. participated in the 2nd Annual European Virus Quantification Symposium in Lyon, France. The symposium, which was sponsored by ViroCyt and I & J Biosystems, focused on the application of Virocyt’s Virus Counter technology to the measurement of virus particles in bioprocess fluids. Presentations focused on the use of the instrument to track baculovirus particles during the production of recombinant proteins, quantification of influenza virus in a variety of substrates including egg cultures and the measurement of viruses in environmental water samples.

Chris Kemp of Kempbio, Inc. participated with an oral presentation entitled “Applications involving the ViroCyt Virus Counter in the production of various recombinant proteins”. The presentation included data related to the use of the ViroCyt counter to enhance the production of rIgG, influenza VLPs and ebola Zaire glycoprotein. A link to the presentation is found below.

Kempbio Lyon Presentation