GLP Cell Banking

Kempbio, Inc. has provided GLP cell banking services for over 20 years. Cell banks from 50 to 500 vials are prepared using optimized protocols to ensure high viability on breakout and vial to vial consistency. We have produced cell banks for non-recombinant and recombinant mammalian and insect cell lines as well as BacMam transduced cells. Each bank is tested for mycoplasma contamination, sterility and viability. Time to confluency data is also collected for attachment dependent cell lines. A complete and comprehensive batch record is generated for each cell bank and provided to the customer for review. Vials are shipped on dry ice for storage or may be stored at Kempbio for an annual fee. Portions of the cell bank may also be shipped to multiple customer sites.

Service Highlights:

  • High viability
  • Vial to Vial consistency
  • 50 to 500 vial lot sizes
  • Fill volumes from 0.5 to 5 mL
  • Cell densities from 5×105 to 2×107 per mL
  • Recombinant and Non-recombinant cell lines
  • Mammalian and insect cells
  • BacMam transduced cells
  • Mycoplasma, sterility and viability testing on each lot
  • Flexible shipment and storage plans
  • Multiple bank discounts

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