100L Bioreactor

Our 100L working volume single-use bioreactor reduces the time for completion of protein expression projects and provides an economical platform for pre-GMP expression protocol development. The vessel is a classic stirred-tank design with integral ports for dissolved oxygen and pH probes. The unit is attached to an Applikon ez-Control that allows us to monitor and control agitation speed, temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen. The unit is ideal for the cultivation of mammalian and insect cell lines.

Deliverables from stable and transient mammalian and insect cells include:

  • Frozen cell pellet
  • Concentrated or diafiltered supernatant
  • Purified protein


Using the new technology of BacMam viruses we are able to express rIgG in HEK-293 or CHO-S cell lines at levels exceeding 200 mg/L without time-consuming process development.

The members of the Kempbio team have a long history in bioproduction at the 100-liter scale and above. As Kemp Biotechnologies, Inc. we installed our first 200-liter bioreactor in 1994 and moved to the 375-liter working volume scale in 2002. We have the experience and infrastructure to support the upstream and downstream aspects of 100-liter S.U.B. productions.

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