Kempbio Inc., specializes in contract services and products related to eukaryotic gene expression and purification. Our staff has been producing research grade proteins for the biopharmaceutical industry using the baculovirus expression vector system and mammalian transient expression since 1992 when we were known as Kemp Biotechnologies, Inc. (KBI). Kempbio was founded in 2009 and while we are a smaller company than KBI we still maintain the expertise and depth of knowledge that has helped us succeed where others have failed. Simple Screen™ is Kempbio’s first product offering and is the first complete kit for mammalian gene expression that eliminates the need to amplify and carry the host cell line for transient gene expressions. Our 100L working volume single-use bioreactor reduces the time for completion of protein expression projects and provides an economical platform for pre-GMP expression protocol development. We are proud to serve local markets in and around Maryland, as well as others such as Cambridge, MA, San Diego, CA, and many more.



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