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We express and purify antibodies at the 10-mg to 50-gram scale from transient and stable cell systems. Antibodies are purified to specifications suitable for diagnostic, in-vitro and non-human in-vivo applications.


Transient Protein Expression: PEI Transfection

PEI-Mediated transfections of mammalian cell lines including CHO and HEK-293 are performed at the 1-liter to 100-liter scale. Kempbio has produced their own proprietary formulation of PEI for over 15 years ensuring excellent results at reasonable prices.


Transient Protein Expression: BacMam

BacMam recombinant baculoviruses are easily amplified in insect cells and efficiently transduced in a wide variety of mammalian cell lines.


Virus-Like Particles

We produce and purify virus-like particles starting from gene sequence in mammalian and insect cell-based systems.


100L Bioreactor

Allows for gram or multi gram production of recombinant proteins including antibodies from transient mammalian, stable mammalian and baculovirus expression platforms.

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Baculovirus stocks have infectious titers that usually range between 6×106 and 3×108 pfu/mL.

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